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Our experienced team of advisers are here to help you build, manage and maintain your wealth.

We provide expert financial advice, risk insurance, corporate services to help you get the most out of your financial situation. We work closely with your accountants to seamlessly deliver personalised and intelligent strategies, making it easier for you to stay in control of your finances.

You can find more information on how we approach Financial Planning, as well as our financial planners, in our Financial Services Guide.

Our professional advice covers:



Structuring Advisory

Setting up a solid structure for your finances will protect your assets from things like bankruptcy, creditors and divorce. We partner with EFCO teams or external accountants and solicitors to ensure the most appropriate structure. And we provide ongoing guidance so you can maximise all of the benefits available to you, including greater flexibility in tax planning and tax minimisation strategies.



Wholesale Investment Opportunities

We work with a select group of wholesale investors and specialise in procuring projects that are well researched, heavily scrutinised and offer a very attractive return over the medium to long term.

We have close relationships and network contacts with sophisticated managers covering the space of fixed interest, mezzanine debt, private commercial property deals and hedge funds.

Our strengths lie in the area of alternative assets including:
• Managed futures
• Private real estate
• Private equity
• Long short fund
• Hedge fund

Executive Advisory

A lot of our clients run highly successful businesses but when it comes to managing their own finances it’s hard to find the time. Our comprehensive financial planning strategies can help. We provide ongoing support including:

• Establishing the right asset protection structure
• Working closely with your accountant throughout the year
• Funding of investment and personal lifestyle
• Planning and projecting cash flow budgets
• Taking care of investment correspondents and bill payments
• Structuring of employee share options and bonuses
• Mitigating personal risk




Loans and Leasing

We work closely with highly qualified mortgage brokers to simplify the process of obtaining a loan or refinancing. We can help you with residential, investment and business loans such as trade finance, corporate finance, equipment finance, construction finance and debtor finance.



Business Insurance Broking Services

We can refer you to experienced, trusted external providers to look after your business insurance, risk protection and workers compensation insurance needs.



Managed Funds

When it comes to Fund Management, we work with a number of highly experienced Fund Managers who can provide you with options for well-researched funds. Plus, we conduct our own due diligence. We subscribe to Professional Investment Services (PIS) and use Morningstar and other selected research houses to carefully select Managed Funds.



Cash Flow and Budgets

Managing cash flow is essential to any financial plan. We can help you understand your family’s cash flow position and provide the most appropriate financial advice, both near and long term, to keep you on track.

We can create personalised budgets that help keep track of your family’s income and expenses on a monthly basis.




Insurance can be complicated. We can guide you through the process of comparing and choosing the right insurance for you and talk you through what you can do to keep your premiums down. We have a number of trusted partners in the insurance world and beyond.


Portfolio Advisory, Construction and Review

If you’re looking to invest, we can help you build and manage an investment portfolio in line with your personal views and risk profile.

Extensive due diligence is carried out before adding a managed fund to a portfolio and will only be added if it passes our strict guidelines. Performance is tracked and assessed on a monthly basis by our Investment Committee.

Our process and systems automatically keep you informed and up to date. And you can view your portfolio online any time with your private access login.




Superannuation is likely to be the major source of income in retirement and is one of the most taxeffective ways to build your financial assets. It’s important to start planning as early as possible so you can maximise all the available benefits.

To make the most of your Super, we look at things like:
• Salary sacrifice
• Concessional and non-concessional contributions,
• Super splitting
• Government co-contributions
• Transition to retirement strategies
• Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)



Tax Planning

We can work with you and your accountant to develop a tax planning strategy to make sure you’re getting the best possible outcome each year.



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